The fifth Nottingham Poetry Festival is taking place from 13th to 22nd November.


All free. All online.


We’re not personally organising any events, but we recommend that you check it out.

It’s ten days, of multiple events per day, featuring nationally touring poetic powerhouses including Vanessa Kissule and Henry Normal, great support acts like Sue Allen and Kevin Jackson, a plethora of collectives from Paper Cranes to DIY Poets and Gobs, some great looking writing workshops and a number of World Jammers featuring in a number of shows.

Check out their website at

New events being added to their listings every day.

To use some of the slang from where I (Martin) am originally from in the UK, get your mincers on that and have a good old butchers, ‘cos it sounds proper banging! (Translation: Get your eyes on that and have a good look, because it sounds great!)

Local slang aside, we have a genuine love of performance poetry, and we love to support performance artists in everyway we can, so we invite you to share in the best week in the year for Nottingham poetry 🙂


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