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We invite you to join us!

Joining us is easy. You just need to become a member by filling in our membership form. It’s free and only takes a couple of minutes.

We currently run monthly livestreams, monthly writing workshops, monthly socials, a poetry and lyric translation service and have two multilingual poetry books for sale.

Membership of World Jam is free and allows you to:
– perform for us at our livestreams and shows
– get early access to our workshop and event tickets
– come to our monthly socials
– sell your poetry and music through our online shop
– feature your work on our website and social media
– use our poetry and lyric translation service
– be officially called a WorldJammer

We want to create a global community of poets and musicians, so we welcome you.

We only ask you two things:
1. To be nice.
2. To support us, either with a donation or by giving us a review 🙂

World Jam is a glorious, multicultural space for writers, musicians and performers. It’s an incredibly welcoming space, and every event and workshop I’ve been to has been fun and inspiring.

Leanne Moden

Poet and Workshop Leader

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