We offer a free translation service for World Jam members.

We offer World Jam members the chance to have their songs, poems and short stories translated into other languages by our volunteer translators. See our list of available translators and languages below and contact us if you’re interested.

Full details for requesting translation are available here.

Please note that you can only use this service if you are a World Jam member. Neither World Jam nor our translators are liable for the provided translation. Full liability will be with the person requesting translation.

If you would like to join our team of volunteer translators then please get in touch using the form below!








I am a French and Politics graduate; a lover of poetry and an advocate for communication and connections within our community. Languages are my passion and I enjoy learning about new cultures and new ideas.


Veronika and Richard





Hi, I am Veronika and I am from a small city called ‘Neuburg an der Donau’ in Germany. I have been living in Nottingham for the last three years and I love this vibrant city. I love all sorts of art but would not call myself a very arty or crafty person, but my native language gives me the opportunity to be part of yours.


Richard is one of our resident polyglots.




Richard is one of our resident polyglots.







Sara Awais is a poet descending from a multicultural family. Her mother is Polish and her father is a Palestinian citizen, who came to Poland in the 1980s to study. Her grandmother from the father’s side was an Egyptian citizen of Greek descent. Since 2016 she has been an active member of the World Jam community, supporting writers and artists from around the globe.




Richard is one of our resident polyglots.




Richard is one of our resident polyglots.

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