Full Details and Guidance

The process for translating work using World Jam is as follows: 

1. Become a World Jam member, if you haven’t already. We’re free to join and we like new members. 

2. Send a translation request to translation [at] 

3. We will send your translation request to the translator. 

4. The translator will contact you directly, and work directly with you to complete the translation. 

Please talk directly with the translator if possible, over a phone call or a video chat. 

Please meet the translator virtually, and not in person, due to the current pandemic. 


When sending your work for translation, please can you:

  • Explain what your poem is about, for example: 

“This poem is about a journey to London, to get a food ingredient that is very difficult to get in Nottingham. It is also about the excitement of finding the ingredient and being able to cook one of my favourite recipes.” 


  • Explain any expressions or words which might not be understood by the translator, for example: 

“It’s raining cats and dogs” means “It is raining very hard”.

“Barnet” is a slang word that means “hair”.


  • Explain any important metaphor in your work, for example: 

“The rain” is a metaphor for my health.

“The train to Nottingham” is a metaphor for my application to remain in the UK.


Translation Contact

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translation [at]

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