Below is a poem by one of our newest members, Palak Tewary.

The poem was written in our Around the World in Poetic Forms workshop on 25th October.


Danube Island
A Pathya Vat poem by Palak Tewary

You, who captured my heart, are
miles afar and too far out of reach.
The sandy dunes on the desolate beach,
where a piece of heaven resides.

There lives a magic in you
that can turn, even the tides.
Closing my eyes, I feel your glides,
oh, crystal river, I wish you were near.


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The Pathya Vat is a Cambodian verse form, consisting of four lines of four syllables each, where lines two and three rhyme. When a poem consists more than one stanza, the last line of the previous stanza rhymes with the second and third lines of the following one.

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