We want to share the work of our World Jam members as much as we can. Below is a poem by one of our newest members, Juliana Heng. Thanks to them for letting us share their work!

You can find out more about Juliana at http://mxjulianaheng.com/.

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Cope with Hope
by Juliana Heng

The lockdown coops
like hula hoop;
The future seems bleak
with clouds of gloom.

We crave for connection
in isolation;
Let’s cope with hope
till the sun comes up!

Looking from afar
at the hula hoop,
It’s protecting us
from rushing our lives.

Day in, day out,
We went through much,
but felt so little.

We coop ourselves
with business of busyness
long before the lockdown.

In isolation,
the view gets clearer,
like pebbles falling away
from the Berlin Wall.

Lockdown is the time
to level up;
Let’s take the time,
Start planting bulbs,
for the next spring time.

We all have private sorrows,
We all have private hopes;
One supports the other,
like Yin and Yang.

We may be cooped,
But as long as there is Zoom,
we can see our friends
smiling from afar,
like the stars.

We can air hug
no matter where we are,
like human hula hoops,
connected in a loop.

Let’s cope with hope
till the sun comes up!

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