We had a World Jam Refugee Week Treasure Hunt, from 14th to 20th June 2021!

We left some bags of treasure in four locations in Nottingham. We also created four puzzles that each revealed one of the locations.

Each location contained unique prizes, so you didn’t have to solve the clues for all four. If you just wanted to find one location then that was completely fine!

If you needed help solving the riddles then you could work with other World Jammers to help find the answers!

We also added clues here during the week, if you got stuck.


Here are the puzzles and solutions:



Puzzle 1:

Cuando leas un poema

intentando resolver un acertijo

nadie te contará

cual letra es el clave

o cómo leer lo claramente


Hacer la solución es bueno

ojala que veas el beneficio,

justo es,

a la letra específica de cada línea

su solución se revela.


Translate the Spanish into English
Is left to right the only way to read a poem?
The first letter of each line.



Translate the poem into English, either by yourself or using automatic translation and it says:

When you read a poem
trying to solve a riddle
nobody will tell you
which letter is the key
or how to read it clearly

Making the solution is good
hopefully you see the benefit,
it’s fair,
at the specific letter of each line
the solution reveals itself.

The first letter of each line spells Cinco Hojas, which is Spanish for…

Five Leaves


The answer is Five Leaves Bookshop 🙂


Puzzle 2:

Chicken            Bakhtiari       Face                    Bourani

Fesenjoon       Locked           Barg                     Salad

Ghel-Gheli      Bamieh          Loobia Polo      Taftoon

Kookoo             Salmon          Chenjeh              Shady


Which words are the odd ones out?
What do 13 of the words have in common?
https://what3words.com/silk.dent.yours (this will point you to Old Market Square, not the treasure location)



13 of the words are food, mostly Persian food. The other three words (Face, Locked, Shady) are not.

On the website what3words.com, the location face.locked.shady points to the location of the Nottingham restaurant Persian Emporium.


The answer is Persian Emporium 🙂


Puzzle 3:



Forest Fields
Forest Recreation Ground
Gregory Boulevard



The puzzle is a scrambled image of a building. The clues point to the area where the building is located. The building then reveals itself as New Art Exchange.


The answer is New Art Exchange 🙂


Puzzle 4:

Major read lions and minor wood spaces

Avenues bristling with artistic places

Nice blends of coffee, vegan chocolate wins

These are a few of my favorite things


Hockley used to be so independent
Lions write there, panthers play near there
_ _ e _ _ t _ n _ a _ k _ t



It is a place in Notttingham full of independent business.

Major read lions = the office of Left Lion Magazine

Minor wood spaces – Minor Oak

Avenues: Which area has “The avenues”?

 Nice blends of coffee = Blend Cafe

Vegan chocolate wins = Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate

Panthers = Nottingham Panthers, who play at the ice arena.

Which place in Nottingham contains all these places?


The answer is Sneinton Market 🙂

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